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Loeffler, Liz M.

Loeffler, Liz M.

Liz is serving under Entrust’s Women-to-Women Ministry Training. She is on loan to Entrust from Greater Europe Mission, which is Liz’s sending mission.

With the pandemic most of Entrust’s trainings have gone online and Liz is involved in their 15 week training program. She is currently teaching the Discovery Bible Study which is multi-ethnic and international.  Due to several staff changes she is back to working remotely in closed countries in Asia, where she had traveled for five years before the government crackdown.  She is part of a small team giving direction and helping the new director settle into his job. She’s also involved in her local church program helping prepare potential missionaries to head to the mission field.

Liz has ongoing health issues, heart issues, and most recently was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson‘s Disease. She has enrolled in a preventive program called Rock Steady Boxing in a local Rec Center designed especially for Parkinson’s patients to slow down its advance.

Please keep Liz in your prayers as she tries to juggle her schedule with ministry responsibilities, which complicate teaching because of the different time zones. Liz immensely appreciates our financial and prayer support over these many years.
Please continue to pray for Liz. She says, “I need all the prayers I can get!”
Interesting Fact: Liz started her ministry as a Bible Smuggler

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