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facilities rental

We are delighted that you are considering the use of our facilities. We have a variety of different rooms available that are great for meetings, community groups, and educational classes that are affordable, comfortable spaces, and available for both day and evening rental. Our church grounds are also available for any outdoor activity you'd like to have.

Please complete the form below and a member of our staff will contact you with further information on availability and to answer any additional questions you may have.

Important Note: New Life Community Church reserves the right to refuse rental of buildings to organizations and persons who are not in sympathy with NLCC's principles and values.

Restrictions: No smoking indoors; alcoholic beverages are prohibited from the premises

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Location:  Main Floor

Access:    Main Double Doors

Capacity:  Main – 225 (Sitting - Pews) / Balcony – 25 (Sitting - Pews)


The Church Sanctuary is a prominent and regal area where Sunday worship services are conducted.  The Sanctuary is a great place to hold a worship concert, movie showing, baptismal service, or wedding.

Weddings at New Life Community Church are open to church members and non-members alike who wish to celebrate their vows before God in the context of a service of Christian marriage. “For this cause, a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24


You can learn more about weddings at NLCC by contacting our Pastor, Pastor Bill Covelens.

Special Features: Various features that can be accessed within the Sanctuary include a baptismal pool, various instruments such as piano and drums, microphones, and also two projectors that can broadcast 15 foot messages for your audience. An additional donation may be requested based on your needs (audio/visual help, setup, take down, etc.)

Fellowship Hall

Location: Bottom Floor

Access:   Multiple Stairwells (Handicap Lift available as well)

Capacity: 200 (Standing) / 100 (Sitting)


The Fellowship Hall is a large hall suitable for social gatherings such as birthday parties, anniversary dinners, graduation parties, baby showers, and banquets.   


Special Features: The Fellowship Hall has multiple curtain soffits that are easily accessible and functional that can be pulled and closed if you need to divide your function into smaller groups for privacy. Tables and chairs are also available and are included in the rental cost.

Another great feature of the Fellowship hall is a kitchen that is attached with fridge and freezer access.  It also has a working stove-top and oven that can be used when preparing and serving food.  The kitchen has access to the property’s back lawn area, where guests can relax and socialize or play games such as volleyball or soccer.

Additional donations may be requested based on your specific needs (audio/visual help, setup and take down of tables and chairs, etc.)


Location: Main Floor

Access:   Side Door to Building

Capacity: 35-40 (Standing) / 15-20 (Sitting)


The Library at New Life Community Church serves as the main conference room for all ministries and board meetings.  Any small gathering of individuals can utilize and arrange the provided tables and chairs in any manner they prefer. 


Special Features: The Library features a 42 inch flat screen television mounted on the wall, great for showing videos or presentations.  It also has a built in sink, fridge, and cupboard that can house various food items if you would like to treat your guests to refreshments.  This can also be hidden from guests using two sliding doors.

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